12 Life Suggestions


Preamble: I wrote this little item quite a few years back, now. It was meant for my daughters. Life advice from Mom; you know, that kind of thing. It's not bad advice! I'll add in a p.s. down below...

  • Practice gratitude often, preferably daily. Gratitude alone can transform your life!

  • Walk often – alone, and in silence. Make a real point of noticing & enjoying Nature while you’re walking.

  • Cultivate friendships, love and a sense of community. Plato said “Your wealth is where your friends are,” and I can’t say it any better!

  • Follow your bliss…Do what you burn to do. So much good will come out of that, it will surprise the heck out of you!!!!!

  • Do your best to act in accordance with your own knowing, your own conscience.[1] Trust your own instincts.

  • Share wildly! Don’t hoard! Your intelligence, your energy, your passion/compassion – your money. Be wildly generous with all of them. The Universe will reward you generously, I promise!! [2]

  • Use your voice. Say things out loud. Sing out loud too!! (Singing is definitely magical)

  • Cultivate solitude and silence. We all need healthy doses of both in which to nurture our souls (sounds a bit fruity – but it’s true!)

  • "Let your little light shine." Develop a creative outlet of some sort – this will help that little light shine… It will also make you feel wonderful

  • Own your own power, and harvest it for good.

  • Work on cultivating non-judgment and compassion. This takes ongoing work and endless practice (actually, I think it’s a lifelong process!) but is mightily worth our efforts.

  • Lighten up on yourself!! We’re all human. We all have problems and neuroses, make mistakes & missteps, Heaven knows! We’re also amazing and compassionate and full of wondrous potential! When we learn to practice compassion toward ourselves, we’re then liberated to practice it with others. Or is it the other way around?? So much on this Earth is circular!!

** I think if you do your best to do these things, or at least to work on them with some devotion, you’ll very likely soon learn to feel rich on a regular basis. Before too long, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that wealth really has nothing whatsoever to do with money.

You’ll also learn the truth of the assertion that “It is in spending ourselves that we become rich.” (Sarah Bernhardt said “Life engenders life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.”)


p.s. all these years later: these things still strike me as pretty good life advice. I will add this one additional item (& you know me! I could easily add 12 more, very likely, at the drop of a hat). Please don't put people on pedestals. It's a total waste of energy, & eventually said people will crash really noisily & messily off the darn thing … & you will feel terribly, terribly disappointed. Just Don't Go There, okay?

p.p.s. I have learned quite a lot of new, some-of-it-really pretty awful stuff about the world that I did not know when I wrote this somewhat naive, Pollyanna-ish piece. But ... well, I think most of the advice still applies. So. You know, whatever.


[1] I suspect you already do this routinely. I love the Filipino proverb “A clear conscience is more valuable than wealth.” It’s true!!

[2] In a quite neat film I saw recently, the narrator said, “Sharing is everything.” (This is the film ‘’Home: A Hymn for the Planet.”) I also recall that Leonard Nimoy said, “The miracle is this – the more we share, the more we have.” Paradoxical, but, in my experience, quite definitely true…