10 Things It Took Me Far Too Long to Grasp

1.      The advertising world has torn us all to shreds. We feel deeply that we are never enough. We are not "enough." We don’t have enough. We have obnoxious, unforgivable body odours and excretions. We are not attractive enough. Our hair is all wrong. We’re too fat. Etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. As if we were not already quite self-loathing enough (frankly, I think we were already pretty far down that road to start with), along came the advertising biz after World War II to turn us all into snivelling puddles of inadequacy & need. Consumers of product. It makes a person’s heart sick to ponder it, truly.

2.     Corporations exist to rape & pillage. & oh, how they do. Or should I say, corporations exist ONLY to make profit (duh) – & rape & pillage & mayhem are the result. Being a corporation means never having to say you’re sorry. Aiyiyi. The sickening horror of it all. (old short musing about corporations here.)

3.     Capitalism is a horror. Well, you know, duh!

4.     Patriarchy! Ah, patriarchy. Sigh. With us lo these 5000 years or so by now. Differing theories perhaps about its origins. Religions are surely born of patriarchy, & also surely designed to perpetuate it (don’t you think?)  Patriarchy. Hierarchy. Dominance of the many, by the few. Women, who in the patriarchal mindset exist mostly to please/serve/be dominated by men. Me? I’m 65 now. My mother was an early-ish feminist in her actions (long before she’d ever heard of the movement). & my grown children & grandchildren will cope all their lives with the ravages & legacy of a patriarchal system that is now crashing & burning all around us – & it sure ain’t pretty, & we’re all collateral damage, every single bloody one of us.  (Jane Fonda said recently “The patriarchy is a wounded beast. And nothing is more dangerous than a wounded beast.”) Has there been progress? Sure! Some. Lots, even. Long long long long long way to go, pretty clearly.

5.    Kool-Aid. A corollary, really, of # 4, 3, 2 & 1. We have all swallowed simply gallons & gallons & GALLONS of the stuff. Stupid beliefs/assumptions/cultural practices/religious notions/prejudices … as a result of all this advertising/corporate/capitalistic/patriarchal HORSESHIT – all of us, all of us brainwashed (&/or these daze, damaged &/or medicated) into near-insensibility by the vast quantities of “Kool-Aid” we have swallowed/been force-fed for generations. OMG, OMG, OMG.

6.   “Health care” system, my ass! It exists, in this era/culture/time of over-the-top Kool-Aid-swilling only to make profit for the folks who run the sick, slick corporate Goliath capitalism has inevitably evolved into. A pharmaceutical-dispensing-delivery machine; that's all our "health care" system is. Sickening. Literally sickening (& deadly! Look here & here. This, also!)

7.    The politicians & bureaucrats who are the handmaidens, running this system, running interference for their corporate bosses? Under the watchful eyes & hands of the corporate-driven paradigm of profit & loss? Most/many are liars & opportunists. Any who are not liars & money-grubbing opportunists are merely deluded if they think they can help or change the system. “There is not a problem with the system. The system is the problem.” – Source unknown   Lots just put their heads down & slog long, painful years through the lies & bullshit so they can keep collecting those paycheques & benefits, & eventually, Hallelulia!, delightfully generous pensions.

8.    Racism! Pure nonsense! One learns now that the whole concept of “race” is a fiction. We’re all just human beings who’ve been exploited/done the exploiting (certainly exploiters know no colour and exist in all cultures). Under the banner of patriarchy/religion/hierarchy/culture/capitalism. What could be a STUPIDER idea than that someone is “better” than someone else because of the colour of her/their skin? I mean …  Really???

9.     Everybody’s shit smells. A bit too long to explain why this phrase came into my mind when I was mentally composing this essay – but it encapsulates a key truth. We are all “the same.” Nobody better or worse than anybody else. Morally “superior” by virtue of age/gender/culture/religious beliefs/wealth/position in society. Duh!!!!!! We belong in circles, not hierarchies. #GetOverItAlready.

10.   Male anger/violence/dominance/misogyny is scary/sobering/horrible & dangerous. & it seems to be becoming more so, by the day. Thank goddess there are more men (some men) who are gentle, thoughtful, smart, reasonable individuals who have begun, are beginning, one hopes, to teach other men (& all of us), that everyone has “had it up to here” – with patriarchy, violence, social inequality, racism, homophobia, sexism – and are “not going to take it anymore.”


All of these things go back untold thousands of years – set in motion by decisions made, roads & detours taken far back into the past – with so many “unintended consequences” – & now, so many of us are so deeply, deeply brainwashed, our minds filled with generations of Kool-Aid swilled & swallowed that ….

Well. It’s a deeply sobering thing.

To put it really, really mildly, hmmmm?

  • What to do

  • What to do

  • What to do now??


Wake up!

  • Smell the coffee

  • Get off your butt

  • Protest!

Consider these

"4 Rules for Life

  • Show up.

  • Pay attention.

  • Tell the truth.

  • Don’t be attached to the results." Angeles Arrien, U.S. teacher, author (1940 – )



p.s. so, the world is run by the military-industrial complex. The chemical-industrial complex. The pharmaceutical-industrial complex. The fossil fuel-industrial complex. & my oh my, let us not forget the financial industry-industrial complex!! These bastards always find some new way to keep screwing us all. Not “making love” to us. Screwing us. We are all collateral damage. They are too! We ALL are.

p.p.s. the truth DOES set us free! Always. It may be ugly, horrifying, nasty and sickening – much of the truth about the way things operate, now, on our beautiful, beleaguered planet – is. But stopping swallowing all the bullshit is liberating as heck. It just really, really is. I think it's even good for our health; I mean it!

“No matter how far you’ve gone down a wrong road, TURN BACK!”

p.p.p.s. the posting 'Psychopaths' is likely a relevant companion piece to this one.

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** lots of great quotations about truth here.

p.s. # 4: I have, of course, written just tons & tons of words & postings by now, on the subject of vaccines, an issue which only began registering on my personal radar screen about 2 years ago. You could just read this item. Everything important is in there! [It's not by me! I'm sending you to someone who is a much younger Mom, & who's seen a lot, & had a lot happen to her. She is very articulate.] My own postings about vaccines are listed on the right-hand side of the main page. Most recent is up at the top of the list.